About Happy Wifey

About Happy Wifey

Happy Wifey is a lifestyle brand with the mission of filling your life with more happy moments. 

The happiest moments are the ones you achieve when you’re not taking life too seriously, when you spend time with your loved ones, and when you do things that bring you purpose. 

Our products are designed to be your companion on your journey to happy moments. Happy Wifey is your go-to whether you’re meeting a friend for a coffee, lounging on the sofa with your hair in a messy bun, sitting on a plane to your next adventure, or doing your favorite purpose-giving hobby. 


The people behind the brand

Helga and Mikael started Happy Wifey in 2014 with two co-founders. Their hunt for happy moments have led them on untraditional paths, such as moving to Bali with two small kids.

Despite living what many would consider an untraditional life, they realized that their most fulfilling moments could be made anywhere: A morning coffee while watching the sun rise. Homemade pizzas on a Friday night. The amazing feeling after a morning run. The joy filling the room when the kids play together.

Happy Wifey was created as a reminder that happy moments are everywhere, and can be created everywhere. Let’s have some fun, shall we? 

Got questions? Don't hesitate to get in touch:
contact@happywifey.com 🥰