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What is slow fashion, and why should you care?


Slow fashion seems to be the buzzword in 2018. It represents a more environmentally friendly way of producing clothes. But what is it that slow fashion does to make less harm of the environment? We explain. 

Slow fashion - what is it?

Let's get to it. Slow fashion is a movement that advocates a slower process of creating, designing and purchasing clothes for quality and durability. Slow fashion places a huge emphasis on well-made clothes using high-quality materials. This is the opposite of fast fashion where garments are created from the design to the designing stage.

The essence of this movement in the fashion industry is to create a good cloth, make a garment that does not harm the environment or get harmed by the environment and design clothes that will be acquired at a fair price.

In slow fashion, a lot of consideration is taken prior to the designing of garments. Enough time is taken in the selection of fabrics and materials needed to make a garment. The environment is taken into account, and the production process is well considered in order to decrease the negative impact on the environment. 

Why is slow fashion good for the environment?

Most fast fashion items are made in a way that pollutes the ecosystem. The fast fashion industry following the oil industry contributes largely to environmental pollution. Inferior works are done in poor surroundings and workers are subjected to unfavorable conditions and paid meager sums of money. This is all done in order to produce cheap quality clothes to meet up with demand and beat the competition. Imagine the toxic wastes released into the environment by these fast fashion companies.

Slow fashion takes into consideration the environment, quality of materials and the welfare of fashion workers when designing a cloth. 

Advantages of slow fashion

1. It educates: Slow fashion is about taking thorough investigation about how the garment is made, how long it took to be designed, was there any harm induced to the environment during its production. The craft and the safety and payment of workers will in the process of analysis enlighten you about clothes.

2. Rich in quality: Slow fashion garments may come expensive but it will be worth the cost. A slow fashion item can last longer than ten pieces of cheap clothing. This is because high-quality materials that are eco-friendly have been used in the creation and designing of this sort of garments. 

3. Good welfare: A slow fashion company treats their workers very nice by ensuring that they are paid fair wages and that they are not exposed to a hazardous working environment. These serve as an incentive to encourage them to put in their best efforts towards producing a great quality garment.

4. Unpolluted environment: With the use of natural and eco-friendly fibers and ethical methods in creating apparels, less toxic substances is released into the environment.

We hope this article enlightened you on the subject of slow fashion. Happy Wifey's goal is to make high quality clothes that last for a long time. We are true to the slow fashion trend, and if you would like to check out our clothes, click here

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