We are donating 100% of our sales on Black Friday to Ocean Conservancy - Happy Wifey

We are donating 100% of our sales on Black Friday to Ocean Conservancy


Black Friday is coming up, and we know that many of you are super ready to browse the internet for great deals. But did you know that the shopping bonanza on Black Friday generates greater volumes of waste than ever?

The problem is that the over-discounted clothes makes you do impulse purchases, and as a result - buy clothes you don’t really need.

Here are some stats that might get you thinking:


In Happy Wifey, we care about the environment. We support the slow fashion movement which
represents a more environmentally friendly way of producing clothes. Slow fashion places a huge emphasis on well-made clothes using high-quality materials. The slow fashion garments may come expensive, but often they can last longer than ten pieces of cheap clothing.

Wearing clothes that lasts longer is a way you as a consumer can contribute in improving the environment. Actually, wearing your garments an extra nine months 
reduces carbon, waste and energy footprints by 20 to 30 percent, according to research from nonprofit WRAP.  

In other words, we don't ask you NOT to shop on Black Friday - but to pay attention to what you buy. Is it something you will keep for a while, or throw away after few times using it? 

This year, Happy Wifey has chosen to
donate 100% of our sales on Black Friday to Ocean Conservancy - an organization who works actively to clean our oceans with innovative solutions. Ocean Conservancy are on the front lines of ocean protection, and they invest in research, leadership and advocacy to fight for trash free seas. 

By donation to Ocean Conservancy we aspire to make a difference this Black Friday, for the future of our ocean. 



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