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1 white sweater - 3 awesome styles!


Do you need ideas to style your Happy Wifey sweater? Maybe you consider to buy one, but you're unsure of how to wear it? Well, we've come to the rescue. Let´s start with our beloved one - the white sweatshirt. There are a lot of different ways to style a white, minimalistic sweater, and here are three of them:


Outfit 1:

Choose your statement skirt. It doesn't necessarily have to be a skirt, but something with a bright color. In this way, you'll draw everyone's attention and make your statement. Wearing bright colors can also improve your mood - what's the point of blending into the background with boring colors like black and grey? Choose one bright color, combine it with one simple sweatshirt and make it shine!


Shop this look:

Sweatshirt here
Skirt here

Outfit 2:

White and denim = forever and ever. What can replace simple denim jeans with a minimalistic top section? We know - nothing. But to spice it up you can choose a pair of ripped jeans, mama jeans or the boyfriend jeans. You can even add some bright details, such as a yellow purse or red bandana.



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Sweatshirt here
Ripped jeans here

Outfit 3:

White is a safe choice. It is easy, simple and goes with everything. It is easy to brighten it up with a few details or statement shoes. You can style it with «big sneakers», a purse (around your waist), or bright accessories. It´s minimalistic, conservative and basic.



Shop this look:

Sweatshirt here
White pants here


We hope you liked this post! Comment below your favorite outfit!

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