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3 things on fire right now 🔥

We´re here to talk about the trends this fall. Maybe you´re not sure what is on fire right now? Or maybe you own one of these things and unsure how to style it? Don´t you worry, because Happy Wifey got you. Here is a short summary about the things on fire right now 🔥


Bicycle shorts.

I know. Trends can be weird sometimes. But with the right combination of clothes and accessories you can pull it together. Here are some exemples: 

Animal print

You probably have seen animal print in every single clothing store or online shop. It´s so huge right now and it´s beautiful. Here are some outfit ideas for those who already have something in animal print or thinking to get it.



Blazers is one of our favorite fall trends. You can wear it on the sweater, under the trench coat or any other jacket. It is easy to style and looks really trendy/stylish. You can find it in every clothing store and it´s not that expensive. 


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