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Must haves for summer 2018 on a budget

Now that summer has officially begun, it's time to discuss summer essentials. It may be expensive to keep on track with all summer trends right now, but we from Happy Wifey are here to help you. Keep on reading and find out what's hot and where to find it.


1. Net bag 

You may have seen it already. The whole Pinterest is filled with these bags. It's actually a fruit net, but Hey - if we manage to wear sneakers with a dress, we can totally use this bag for other purposes, right? ☺️ You can find it on online stores like, and many more.



2. Balenciaga sneakers

Either you hate them or love them. When I first saw these shoes, I didn't like them at all. But after some weeks I was convinced. The combination of colors makes them so lovable. Yes, they are huge, weights a lot and are expensive. But dont't you worry, because Happy Wifey got you. You can find similar ones with much lower price at bronx or They are so comfortable and stylish! 



3. Ark bag (or what some of you may call Cult Gaia)

Well, this summer is all about cool bags, right? You can style amazing outfits with this purse, as well as using it for everyday purposes. A place to keep your phone, wallet and some make up. The original Cult Gaia is a little bit expensive, but again - no need to worry. We found some cheap alternatives at 😉



4. A hat

This season's hats are going crazy! Everyone loves hats, am I right? You can wear them on almost every occasion and feel that summer vibe. It protects you from the sun, but helps you to be stylish at the same time. It's not that often you can combine something you need with something stylish, right? Some places with a good variation of hats:,



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