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Biggest Fashion Trends of 2017

As the days go by and new trends and fashion statements start to emerge, the need for staying up to date is stronger than ever. Naturally, with new trends flooding the fashion industry, you do have to say goodbye to some old ones and revamp your wardrobe to keep up with the world. However, with such a variety of styles and different fashion statements, it can get a little overwhelming. You don’t have to worry, though because we have your back! Here are the 5 best styles of 2017 that you should definitely include in your wardrobe this year!

1. Stripes

Slanted, straight, diagonal, horizontal, simply every kind of stripes are in at the moment. Whether it’s your shirt with stripes or your bottoms or even the shoes you wear, stripes have become one of the biggest fashion trends of 2017. So, devoting a portion of your closet to stripes this year will be a great idea.

2. Sweatshirt with logo

Making a statement has become the ulterior motive of the fashion industry. An interesting, new trend is wearing a sweatshirt or T-shirt that says something cool. It could be a saying, a quote, a logo, just letters, or something that you had custom written, as long as it’s on your shirt it's trending. The style has caught the attraction of many people, so quite a few people have been spotted wearing these symbolic Tees and sweatshirts on the streets. You can get your hands on some of the most exotic ones at  

3. Comfort clothing

Gone are the days when you had to make yourself uncomfortable to look stylish. In 2017, the trends are changing towards clothes that are easy to wear and very comfortable. This is why skinny jeans, which ruled every look are now taking a step back. It’s the relaxed cut with a vintage look that is trending nowadays. People are choosing to wear these trendy bottoms instead of the skinny ones and surprisingly, they do look pretty cool!

4. Shirt dresses

An interesting choice this year is the shirt dress. The dress has been popping up on streets everywhere and we have to admit, it does look chic. The dress is simply a stylish button down, with a dress like cut the bottom. It's stylish, it's practical and it's very comfortable. Getting a couple of these in your closet for this season seems to be a good move.

5. Florals

Another cheerful trend that we simply adore are the floral prints. These have been cropping up on almost every kind of dress. whether it's shirts or skirts, florals are one of the biggest fashion trends of 2017. The great thing about them is that you can mix and match them with a number of different clothes to create new outfits. Definitely, your seasonal trends are incomplete without the addition of something having that gorgeous flower print.

Following these trends, you can easily get your wardrobe revamped according to the latest trends. It’s easier than you think. All you have to do is think wisely and get the clothes that suit you and the latest fashion trends of 2017. If you follow these fashion statements given above, you can easily up your style game for sure. So, what are you waiting for?

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