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10 signs that she is your BFF


Do you have a best friend? Someone who despite all the changes you go through in your life, will stick by you and always accept you for who you are? A best friend can be many things - your person, your hero, your inspiration and someone you look up to. Here are 10 signs that she's your friend for life:

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1. She like or comment on everything you post on social media.

2. She's your biggest supporter even when you seem to doubt yourself.

3. You're 100% comfortable around each other.

4. You can go weeks or months without talking to each other and still pick up exactly where you left off.

5. The two of you have a song and whenever it comes on you must dance to it, no matter where and when.

6. She'll be honest. Always.

7. When you both just take a nap together.

8. If one of you wants food, you're both getting food.

9. You always answer the phone when she calls because maybe she's on fire or you need to be co-writer to all the messages she's sending to a crush. 

10. You trust each other. 

Cherish her and show her how much you love her! 

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