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Are you still alive or are you addicted to Social Media?

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What's the first thing you do when you open your eyes in the morning? Do you take a moment to enjoy being alive – to connect with yourself? Or do you pick up your phone to connect to everyone else except yourself?

When you're walking down the street.. Do you still see what's happening around you, what color the sky is and how many people pass by you? Or are you sucked into your phone and barely sense anything at all anymore?

Do you prefer feeling loved by people around you that you can see and touch? Or do you rather choose to get an insane amount of likes and comments from people you barely know? To feel the virtual love you think you need?

What is more important to you? To pretend how happy you are on Social Media as long as people think you're living the perfect life? Or to be really happy without posting it to any platform? To share it with your loved ones in a physical way.  

We live in 2018 where Instagram and Facebook is an important part of our lives. But just take a moment and see what's happening around you. Tell people how you feel, call your mom and say you love her, go out for a walk and feel that late autumn breeze. Appreciate things around you and just be alive. 

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