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Who you should follow on Instagram


You may know the struggle when you are out of inspiration. None of the pictures you take are good enough. You want to create something cool, something original, but outfits don’t add up. You have a full wardrobe, but you are thinking about buying even more! Happy Wifey is here to explain you that it's all about finding someone who inspires you, someone you can take a look at and say: Wow - I love how she styles this sweater or blouse!


1. josefinehj

First of all, let's appreciate how beautiful she is and take a look at the clothes she wears. Although they're quite expensive, it's always possible to find something similar and cheaper. The pictures she take are quite simple, but clothes and accessories make it marvelous. You can find inspiration in the way she takes photos and the way she dresses.



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2. patriciyam

If you are looking for a mix of fashion and interior, Patriciyam is perfect for you. Her Instagram feed shows that fashion and architecture/interior go together. You can be inspired by the «green coach» she sees and «the stairs» she climb. Small accessories she uses makes her style something different and cool.




3. elborn_doris

If you ever need to come up with a cool outfit, you should check out Elborn! The things she focuses on are her outfits. The coats, shoes, purses and hats are outstanding. It makes me want to drop everything, go to my wardrobe and create!



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 4. lissyroddyy

Are you a fan of styling cheap clothes with exspensive ones? Alicia Roddy is one of those bloggers/youtubers who makes it going. If you ever wonder how you should wear pink with yellow or just purple, this Instagram profile is perfect for you. Her taste for colors is just amazing! 



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5. blancamiro 

Now this profile is just something. Blanca stands out with her taste. It’s like one color in the outfit doesn’t exist for her. Bright colors, lines, dots and sunglasses are her best friends. She shows the world that everything goes together and there is no need to be afraid of what others would think. Experiment, try and create! Be inspired and inspire other!


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