5 reasons why this must be in your wardrobe this summer

We have made a little guide showing why a Happy Wifey Sweatshirt should be in your wardrobe this summer.  

1. Fashionable and laid-back - at the same time

With a Happy Wifey Sweatshirt you look both fashionable and laid-back at the same time - especially if you style your sweater with a skirt or tight pants.

2. It's perfect for chilling at home

The sweater is nice and cosy if you just want to relax at home. Remember to accompany the sweater with jogging pants, a cup of cocoa, and a good book :) 

3. It keeps you warm

The sweatshirt is nice and comfy with a soft material on the inside, and is therefore perfect to wear on cold summer nights. 

4. It's perfect as a gift to your friend or girlfriend - or to yourself 

5. It's in 100% organic cotton

The sweatshirt is made out of sustainable materials in high quality. And what is not better than being fashionable while taking care of nature?

You can get it in black, gray or white here.

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