KIDE Cosmetics

A contemporary, quality cosmetics brand, with a Finnish design aesthetic.
Pure, conscious cosmetics products - designed to create a beautiful, natural looking skin.
Free of parabens, talc and perfumes. Packed with minerals, antioxidants and vitamins.

KIDE was created in search of something pure. High quality in the product and design come with green & healthy thinking in the core. KIDE has a contemporary-classic aesthetic with a Finnish wabi-sabi twist. At KIDE we see aesthetics as an integral part of a daily life: traditional, modern and influenced by different cultures. We value contemporary, sustainable, timeless things that can be put on display and we take pride in creating pure cosmetics that are good for your skin.

KIDE cosmetics products are made of pure minerals and antioxidants such as tea extract and vitamins A,C and E, diamonds are added for their antioxidant and light reflecting qualities. The products contain no parabens, talc or perfumes.


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